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tv   9 News at 5pm  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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that is joined by cold air from the north. we have one wave coming through tonight and then a second one tomorrow night which will impact the drive on friday morning. outside right now we have hayes -- has >> out there -- haze out there. temperatures will start to drop. we are in the mid-40s which was where we have been for much of the afternoon. cold air moves away from the north. the first storm system onshore in california is moving toward towels -- toward colorado. a period of unsettled weather over the next 48 hours. there is a travel advisory across the west including southwestern california. a winter storm warning remains in effect for the far southwest corner of colorado. no advisories on the front range or eastern plains >>. we do expect light snow to
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we do expect light snow to develop overnight. thursday night and into friday we will see accumulating snow. coming up in the main weather segment, we will detail the metro forecast. we are looking forward to a cold and sunny weekend. >> thank you. online journals from the student accused of plotting an attack on her douglas county high school showing angry and sad teenager. how did that turn into a mass killing plot? what we can all learn from this case. if somebody could have seen some of his writing, they would have known. the journal. personal messages posted online for the world to see. >> this young girl is really crying out in her diaries. >> reporter: the young girl is 16-year-old tourney picks --
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with two counts of conspiracy to commit murder. he lost his daughter rachel in the columbine shooting. even with the lost, he believes -- loss, he believes in kindness and compassion. >> if we write them off, we can never help them. >> reporter: the writings are not normal, but they are not uncommon either. >> i would not panic when i saw them. a lot of the stuff that is there is normal teenage angst. then there is stuff that pushes the boundaries. >> reporter: it is difficult to differentiate somebody who sad or angry from somebody who is serious about hurting others. it is usually young men who are responsible for instances of public violence. >> it is uncommon for girls to
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something this massively sadistic. the chain reaction. >> reporter: derrol believes his daughter did not die in vain years ago. many people have heard her story including students at mountain vista high school before sierra johnson enrolled. stearic -- deanna johnson is one of two girls. her accomplice will be back in health evaluation. analysis of underground activity in north korea is not consistent with the country's claim of having conducted a successful hydrogen bomb test. they also said that nothing has happened to change the u.s. government assessment of the north korea military capabilities. they are investigating the nuclear test that north korea
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one person led talks with north korea. >> preliminary indications are that it is not a hydrogen bomb. it is simply another nuclear test. a, another nuclear test is bad news in and of itself. it is clear that north korea wants to continue on the road to producing a much more hydrogen bomb. >> reporter: the nuclear test was the fourth for the regime now headed by kim jong-un the denver chipotle has been presented with a subpoena tied to the norovirus outbreak this summer at a restaurant in california. the investigation is being conducted by the u.s. attorney's office in conjunction with the fda. chipotle mexican grill has been
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outbreak linked to its restaurant which was followed up by a separate norovirus outbreak and not -- in boston. >> i was terrified that i was going to go to bed and not wake up. >> i am not sure if i'm going to come back. >> i'm sorry for the people that got sick. they are having a tough time. i feel bad about that. we are doing a lot to rectify this.>> reporter: chipotle says that it expects its sales for the fourth quarter to be down a whopping 14.6%. the owner of a pizza place in denver is offering a pizza for an entire year to whoever can help police find the thief that burglarized his business. it happen over the weekend that chaos pizzeria. here is christine noel.>> reporter: for some, it's the taste of a freshly tossed by thrown onto wood stove. for others, it is the quaint feel that draws them to this piece areola -- pizzeria on pearl street in south denver.
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light>> it's a fantastic place to come. >> reporter: just about everyone is welcome at the restaurant. but, before the sun came up on saturday morning, somebody who is not welcome came in.>> -- around 4:30 a.m., a man in the surveillance video broke into the pizzeria and stole all the money in the cash register, about $1000, before taking off. >> he nonchalantly came onto the property. i have a lot of them -- female employees in a makes everybody nervous and bring some -- brings morale down. >> reporter: so far the video has been viewed more than 2000 pounds.>> he was a big guy with shaved head. >> reporter: he is offering incentive to anyone who can help the police lead to an arrest.
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an unlimited amount. you can come in every day and get pizza.>> reporter: he has a message. >> stop doing it. you hurt so many people with one action. >> reporter: in denver, christina wells, 9news. >> this is the third time that chaos pizzeria has been burglarized in seven months. call 720913-s dop. -- 720-913-stop. a 911 call with somebody reporting they were being followed by a truck. then someone in the truck fire at -- fired at the car. they tracked down the truck and that is when a chase began. it ended in the highlands. three suspects were taken into
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the gold dome on the colorado state capital. there was another project inside to restore the historic look. we have the transformation that was unveiled today in the state house chambers.>> reporter: the house where colorado laws were made was built to be grand. >> now, let's raise the chandelier. >> reporter: shiny and new, the centerpiece had to be torn down and shipped away. now, it is back. it. builders were not sure electricity would catch on. the chandelier was built for electric power and gas. you can still see the gas burners. to appreciate this job, you have to look up a touch more. for as long as anybody in the building can remember, the ceiling was covered with flat accused tiles. now, back to this, the original. revealing a large skylight with
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has played items on in decades. -- laid eyes on in decades.>> there was a tiny problem all the way up in this corner. this little radiator was kracher -- cricket which annoyed house speaker, frank mcnulty. >> he was a challenging speaker. he was a great speaker and a good speaker, he just had a lot of projects for me. >> reporter: like go fix that radiator. >> he said, while you are at it, take off the tiles.>> reporter: we didn't know what was behind the tiles. now, the more stately service is back. in a building designed to make the powerful feel small.>> with the chamber that it that's the way it is now, it is magnificent.>> reporter: i want the hope --
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be magnificent.>> reporter: brandon rittiman, 9news. the same thing happened in the senate chambers. all in time for the next legislative session one week from today.>> that is beautiful. there is no coming this week. also a concept supercar developed by a little-known company at the consumer
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electronic show is officially underway in las vegas. more than 3000 companies are at the show. there is a look at the newest tech gadgets. many will be must-have items. it runs through saturday and it is closed to the public. a little-known electric car company at the ces is giving a lot of attention. faraday future which is a competitor to tesla has unveiled a concept supercar. the singleseat all electric sports car can produce as much is 1000 pounds of horsepower. it is also a smart car and his internet connected. it is ready to be autonomous and drive itself. the car called fs01 is designed to be the average -- be for the average consumer.>> imagine that you can design a luxury sedan or maybe a crossover with this technology.
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or a pickup truck. virtually anything is possible.>> reporter: the first production car is expected to go on sale in two years. it is expected to be more conservative and practical than the exotic ff01. delta airlines quietly raised fares four dollars per flight. it did not take long for competitors to follow suit. the increase was surprising considering record profits with lower fuel costs. twitter may be raising its character limit. they may expand from 140 characters to as many as 10,000. the ceo, jack dorsey, has not confirmed it, but he is giving hints. people have been able to get around it by taking screenshots of text and tweeting those. jack dorsey had a 10 paragraph
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it could take place in a few months. >> we will be getting longer tweets. delightful. >> there are plenty of characters on twitter as it is. >> that's true. we both know that. a storm system that brought
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hello and welcome back. i and meteorologist kathy sabine in the backyard. we were in the mid-40s for northern colorado and some 50s on eastern plains. compare to averages for this time of year, it was nice for the first four-week of the new year. -- full week of the new year. we are looking for the win to shift a bit. to weather systems crossing the area. one comes in with heavy rain from southern california. the snow is measured in feet. the winter storm warning extends to southwestern colorado where we anticipate up to eight inches of snow, especially on the west and southwest facing slopes. we have a winter weather advisory the cover southwestern colorado as well. tomorrow it becomes a winter
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there will be less than 1 inch of accumulation in denver initially. i think fighter accumulations are expected thursday night and into friday. that leads us to a 2-4 inch snowfall into friday night. a progressive system tonight and then tomorrow -- and into tomorrow. then another one friday night. the wind will shift to the northeast and it will create an upslope and give us potentially better snow thursday night and into friday morning. as we see the snow increase across the central and southern mountains tonight. lower elevations stay dry until after midnight. light snow expected after midnight through the morning drive with a twin inch of snow total. the next wave comes through thursday night and into friday. we could see an additional 1-2 inches with the second storm coming in. that is interacting with the
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increasing clouds tonight with the wind shifting a bit. tomorrow morning light snow and melting snow with less than 1 inch accumulation. temperatures will be in the teens and 20s and we will see the snow stick late afternoon. there will not be much of a warm-up tomorrow. mid-20s out west and mid 20s in the high country. 34 in evergreen and 35 and black [ null ] . a high of 30 at grand lake -- black hawk. a high of 30 at grand lake. look for increasing clouds with colder for the morning drive and an inch or two of accumulation by tomorrow by friday morning, another inch or two of snow. temperatures trend downward into the weekend. we will have weekend highs in the 20s. we may be close to 45 monday and tuesday of next -- close to 40 by wednesday -- by monday
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we could then see more snow the second half of next week. there will be big changes in the weather tomorrow. we have more stocks continue to stroll -- struggle.
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hi everybody. uphill climb. with the victory over the san diego chargers and a career- high, hillman was named the afc offensive player of the week this year.
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player this season. broncos insider is cohosting tonight. mike, is there any chance that gary kubiak shocks us tomorrow and names brock osweiler the starting quarterback? >> he does have one more night of sleep. you never know how a coach will dream or have nightmares. after what happened the last time, it was a quick hook on brock osweiler. he had one game with peyton manning available and he couldn't wait to go to him. early in the second half. five turn over -- five turnovers when brock osweiler was in their -- there. peyton manning. he will meet with the quarterbacks in the morning and he will inform them. not told the quarterbacks anything yet. he will inform them and then
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tomorrow at about 9:00. we anticipate that he will quarterback is. thereafter. >> it sounds like we already know. you were caught up in the excitement of sunday's exciting come back and you changed your prediction for our -- for the bronco's system from one and none to super bowl.>> save that tape where i said one and done and then save the tape where i said they were going to the super bowl. maybe i will predict the afc championship now which i believe is your prediction. >> yes. >> here is why i said the broncos are going to the super bowl. one, they have the best defense in the nfl. it is not the ravens. the defense plays well in january and into the first week of february.
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manning. it has change the dynamic of the game and it has brought energy at the right time. last year in the playoffs, remember they were dead going into the game against the colts. now i think the team is uplifted and that is another reason. i also think the broncos are battle tested, by the way. they have had a tough schedule. i think the broncos will make it through and make it to the super bowl. >> you say make it to the super bowl and i say, fall one game short and loose in the afc. the avalanche only had one player selected to the all-star game. matt duchenne was selected for the all-star game in nashville at the end of the month. that is the second time that matt has received that honor. >> it is now time for the drew or false question. >> ken griffey crew -- junior
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hall of fame haim. drew or false, it was 440 ballots with 440 checkmarks. the correct answer is false. he had all but three ballots. 99.3% which is a new record. he is the single greatest player i have seen these two go into the hall of fame this summer. we have roger clemens finishing with 45% and you need 75% to get in. mark require -- mark mcgwire which is 12%. >> that is remarkable. the bobble heads have it.>> you
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>> when i was in seattle, he was in his prime and it was amazing to watch them play baseball. it was unpleasant to deal with him, but it was amazing to watch him play. >> i can't imagine you were not high on his list, but you were neither were any other reporters. >> die mention how great i think he was. i really found him to be miserable to deal with personally, but i think he is one of the greatest players ever.>> who wins the afc?>> it won't be the broncos, it will
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